College Library

1. Strict silence shall be observed in the library.

2. Issue Of books may at any time be suspended by the order of the Principal.

3. Students are to make good use of the School library.

4. All the students of VI to XIl may borrow books from the library.

5. Students who fail to return the books on time will be fined one rupee per day.

6. If any book to be borrowed is damaged it should be brought to the attention of the librarian before leaving the counter.

7. Periodicals, Dictionaries and other costly books are only for reference inthe library.

8. Each student can borrow one book at a time for 7/15 days.

9. Books should be covered and used.

10. All books taken from the library should be returned two weeks before the examination.

11. No student who has dues to the library will be issued any book till the dues are paid.

12. No fiction books will be issued to the students 15 days before the examination.

13. All articles and personal belongings must be left outside when entering the library.