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Welcome to Mount Carmel College

"Hail Mother of Carmel Patroness of our school"

The Apostolic Carmel was founded in 1868 by Mother Veronica of Jesus in Bayonne, France and established at Mangalore, India, in 1870. Following the path of the Carmelite Tradition of St. Teresa of Avila and of Mother Veronica, the sisters try to combine in their lives, contemplation with apostolic activity according to the needs of the day.

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Principal's Message

"March towards value based education to build integrated personalities"

True education is life oriented. Integral formation of the students enables them to develop all their God-given potentialities. Thus they grow into persons of physically fit, intellectually well trained morally conscience of right values and principles socially service minded, personally mature, loving and open to life - long growth. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

Man is gregarious by nature and he cannot live alone. He needs another for his self actualization and for personal growth. He thrives in a group. That is why the school envisages group activities. Every year we have annual days. It is mainly to bring the young together to learn to give and take and grow together as brother and sister or as friends.

Great achievers need not emerge from the high priced, high profile prestigious institutions. They come from ordinary situations. The youth of the 21st century have challenges to eradicate the ills of the world of poverty.

The young are formed in social movement as innovators in the economy and as sign of hope in politics. There are young people in our country who have abandoned lucrative jobs and attractive perks to go to tribal and rural areas to spend their energy there in social transformative efforts. India is a nation of young and is the youngest nation.

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