Carmel Down The Years

1958 - 2008

Looking back,we trace a few events which go to make the history of this Institution joy in success, sadness in disappointment, anxiety in the face of threat,reverses that had to be endured and risk that had to be just taken- all this and more, are inevitable in the progress of an institution. The future holds its challenges but faith assures one as to who holds the reins and so we forge ahead.

It was in 1957 that a pressing request was made by the Right Rev,Dr. Conrad de Vito, the then Bishop of Lucknow ,to the Rev. Mother M.Sylvia A.C, the then Superior General of the Apostolic Carmel,for a school to be started at Lucknow, in the newly-opened colony at Mahanager. He wanted a school that aims at developing the students, entrusted to its care,into committed people who should be the leaven in their milieu,putting love and meaning into human life and endeavour.

January 10th 1958-saw the opening of this school in a shamiana, but with spacious grounds around. His Excellency the Bishop declared the school- open and blessed the staff and pupils i.e.two sisters and 7 pupils in 3 classes. He included in his blessing all who would ever come to the portals of this school.

After a month,as soon the first of the six-roomed ground floor was ready these classes moved from the shamiana. The building for the sisters' residence also was in the making so they boarded with the Maids of the Poor at St.Francis clinic Hazratganj for 4 months

May 5th school closed for the summer vacation after a little break-up party .There were now 20 pupils on roll.The 6 class rooms and an adjoining hall were expected to be ready for the re-opening in July.

June 10th the ground floor of the 'Residence 'was completed and the 4 sisters who took from the first communitty,came to live on the premises.

July 7th re-opening day,it was a joy to welcome 80 little girls and boys

By Nov.26th the first variety entertainment was put on boards. The parents were appreciative and happy to see their children at dance,drama,and

Surely the seed was sown and the tree would grow.

We reach Jan 7th 1959 school again, this time with 232 pupils on roll. Carmel School was slowly gaining in numbers,in both staff and pupils. By the end of February,there were 430 and the overflow had to be accommodated in some rooms of sister's residence. Soon after, the first Prize Day was Celebrated.

The month and years rolled by and by Aug. 1962,it seemed imperative that more accommodation be provided for the 600 and odd on roll.The 6thAugust saw the blessing of the foundation of the next phase, 8-more rooms on the ground floor, to the right of the hall. This was completed within eight months. Our good Bishop as usual helped us with a loan.

July 1963 -class VIII was started. By September,we had to apply for temporary recognition as Junior High School. Soon after, we were granted permanent recognition as well. A plan to complete the first floor,over the 8 newly-built rooms,was in the offing.

The first and second batches of class VIII, after passing,had to perforce pursue their studies in other school. Carmel had still to remain as a Junior High School.

July 8th1965 was a red-letter day in the annals of the school which rose from small beginnings. Class IX was opened. The strength had now reached 801.

February 1966-the School by now had come of age. We could put up our first P.T.Display with nearly all the students participating.

July 1967-something had come to stay. The first set of 13 pupils of class X brought in cent percent passes,as a forerunner of what,by God's grace ,the earnest endeavours and persevering efforts of the staff and the diligent and sincere study of students,would be Carmel's achievements in the years to come. Permanent recognition of the High School was accorded.

July 1968 -the school has grown steadily,1085 are on rolls. The students of Carmel School start taking part in Inter-School Sports Meet ,Bulbul and Guide Rallies, All India Guide Jamboree at Calcutta and elsewhere ,competition in painting,art, science, story-writing ,English and Hindi Essay -writing and debates.

Six more rooms were completed on the first floor corresponding with the six rooms on the ground floor and with this came up a large well-ventilated hall corresponding with the one downstairs.

JULY 1970-1300 students.
July 1974-1470 students.

July 1976-it was imperative that the primary school had a block of its own.The existing building, with three sections coming up from class VI, would soon have no room unless the primary classes shifted out.The foundation was laid and a beautiful imposing block of 16 rooms would soon ease the situation.

Jan.,1973-the primary classes moved into the new block.The strength was 1700.

Jan.,1983- We've reached the Silver Milestone and we had 1950 pupils on roll -the maximum with the present available accommodation.

2004-with the starting of class XI-Carmel School was raised to Carmel Inter College under U.P,Board. The first batch,answered their XII class examination in 2005,securing cent percent pasess with Ist Division.

2005-the school planned to change over to ICSE Board ,and the preliminary work for the affiliation got started.

March 2010, ICSE Board affiliation to ISC Board was obtained. Class IX has come under ICSE Board and will be following the ICSE Syllabus.

Carmel Vidhya Vikas

Outreach Programmes

The school has extended its educational facilities to those living outside the preview of regular schools. In 2006, we opened KG class for the non-school going children of our neighbourhood and slums, with 45 students on roll.

Job-oriented tailoring classes for young girls and married women were started in 2003. Certificates are issued to them after six months of training. These certificates help them to get seamstress' job or facilitates self-employment.

2006-Adult literacy project under "Serva Shiksha Abhiyan" Scheme, was started. It invites the illiterate women of our neighbourhood and offers all helps to the willing learner.