Principal Message

One who opens a School door closes the prison. By Victor Hugo M

Education is a life-long learning-teaching process.The world around us is changing by leaps and bounds. The rapid change is constantly raising new challenges. The only powerful tool is Education which shapes the young minds.

Authentic education implies an on-going, continuous interplay between the five elements of context, experience, reflection, action and evaluation between parents, students and teachers. This is not to lead to mere information but to appropriation, integration into the very activity of the Almighty in the world,that begins inevery individual which leads from information to transformation.

At Mount Carmel College, Lucknow, we focus on value based education and aim to empower our students to grow as individuals with strong, open and discerning minds. Our distinctive academic programmes and innovative teaching methodologies encourage students to develop critical-thinking and learn through enquiry and reason, to exchange thoughts and ideas, to develop key personal and social values, to take ownership for her choices and to set goals to realize their own unique potential.

The School by deepening a sense of wonder, reverence, creativity, fidelity, communication, openness and charity to each other and to the whole world seeks to work for the transformation of the complete person.

We strive to provide an environment that is basically sacred, and has a framework of discipline that is flexible yet supportive, a freedom that allows students to learn even from their mistakes, to develop into person moulded by the correlatives of freedom and responsibility.Thus they grow into persons physically fit, intellectually well trained, morally conscious of right values and principles, socially service minded, personally mature, loving and open to life.

Let us join together in this venture and work towards a world of peace and prosperity.

Sister Janet Monteiro A.C.